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When to See the Dentist

Too many people go years without ever seeing a dentist. Sometimes fear is the obstacle or financial concerns. In other situations, they just don’t believe it necessary ...

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Brightening Your Smile Is Easy!

It’s natural for your teeth to lose some of their brightness over time. Unfortunately, regular brushing and flossing and even using the right toothpaste won’t keep th...

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4 Tips for a Younger Looking Smile

As people get older, many will try whatever they can to look younger. This includes youthful clothing, a new car, a trendy hairstyle or even cosmetic surgery. But for som...

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Dentures vs. Dental Implants

Do you have one or more missing teeth? Are your teeth extremely decayed or damaged and need to be extracted? Having missing teeth can affect more than just your appearanc...

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What Can I do to Improve my Dental Hygiene?

If you are health-conscious, you likely understand the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene. You know that what goes on in your mouth has a direct effect on the re...

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Cosmetic Dentistry and You

Cosmetic dentistry procedures are more popular than ever. From teeth whitening and bonding to closing spaces and replacing missing teeth, esthetic dentistry has come a l...

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