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Do I Need a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are commonly recommended for patients who have a severely damaged tooth (resulting from decay or trauma) or to give a tooth a more attractive appearance if ...

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Getting the Most Out of Your Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is increasingly popular with all age groups, and for good reason! Invisalign can correct your teeth alignment, give you that perfect smile, and boost your conf...

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Dental Care Tips for Kids

It doesn’t matter that your kid’s teeth are going to fall out anyway, oral care is important at all ages. We know you know that already, but it’s important to say. ...

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Why Dentists Recommend Dental Crowns

If your tooth has extensive decay, your dentist may recommend a dental crown. You might ask why we sometimes recommend dental crowns instead of teeth fillings. A crown wi...

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When to See the Dentist

Too many people go years without ever seeing a dentist. Sometimes fear is the obstacle or financial concerns. In other situations, they just don’t believe it necessary ...

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Brightening Your Smile Is Easy!

It’s natural for your teeth to lose some of their brightness over time. Unfortunately, regular brushing and flossing and even using the right toothpaste won’t keep th...

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