Nail biting a bad dental habbit

4 Dental Habits You Should Break Today

Aug 08, 2017

Many patients at Brechon Dental in Belvidere ask us what they should be doing to have the healthiest, brightest smile possible. Routine at-home dental care and professional visits are of course always recommended, but what should you not be doing to have the healthiest smile possible? Certain lifestyle choices and habits can be severely detrimental to your overall oral health. Some of these habits you should stop today include:

Chewing Ice

At Brechon Dental we often have patients that think chewing ice is a healthy alternative to snacking, and while it may be for dietary reasons, it can actually be horrible for your teeth! Chewing ice and other frozen/hard foods can chip and crack teeth and even damage existing dental work. For a healthier alternative, try chewing sugar-free gum or kicking the habit altogether!

Snacking Often

Eating is a very popular hobby in America, with snacking being a common occurrence. But did you know each time you eat you introduce acid, sugar, and debris into your mouth? This can lead to bacterial overgrowth, tooth decay, and even bad breath. If you can’t avoid snacking, make sure you rinse down your snack with lots of water or mouthwash; this can help remove the debris, sugar, and acid.

Nail Biting

Nail-biting is a habit most people experience at some point in life. While most people grow out of it in childhood, some adults still haven’t kicked the habit. Biting your nails can cause chipping, cracking, and other damage to your teeth. It can also lead to jaw/bite issues which can result in discomfort. If you are having a hard time stopping, some stores sell over-the-counter products to help deter nail-bitingly, give it a try!

Teeth Grinding/Clenching

Another extremely common habit in America is the grinding/clenching of teeth. Some patients only do it while sleeping, while others do it all day long. This can chip and crack teeth, wear away tooth enamel, and lead to severe jaw pain. At Brechon Dental we recommend mouthguards for nighttime use; this can reduce damage and symptoms caused by nighttime grinding/clenching.

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