Girl in Brechon dental for Stainless Steel Crown treatment

A Stainless Steel Crown Could Help a Struggling Primary Molar Last Longer

Jan 16, 2019

Many people believe that baby teeth have a lifespan of only a few years and, as a result, maintaining their health is not very crucial. However, even baby teeth are important for your child’s dental health both now and in the future. At present, they will help the child in speaking, eating, and smiling, and they will also establish a healthy future for the development of your child’s permanent teeth which are yet to erupt.

Did you know that if your child loses their baby tooth prematurely because of decay or any other health condition, it can affect the permanent tooth and they may become misaligned? Hence, it is imperative to increase the life span of a decayed tooth. This can be done in various ways, depending on where the tooth is located.

For front teeth, Brechon Dental uses tooth-colored fillings. These provide cosmetic appeal, and their lesser durability is not an issue, as they don’t face the same pressure as molars at the back. These primary molars require stronger filling material, as the filling alone may not be able to sustain the pressure that comes with chewing. They are also not as visible, so there are fewer concerns about maintaining aesthetic appeal.

The experts at Brechon Dental, therefore, suggest stainless steel crowns for the molars. The crown fits and covers the affected tooth. These crowns are custom-made based on the size and shape of your teeth. Once the infection or decay is removed, the crown is placed in a single visit itself with the use of a sedative or anesthesia.

The stainless steel crown may not be quite as aesthetically appealing, but it is more durable in order to sustain the force and pressure that comes with chewing, which is critical for primary molars. Irrespective of the method you choose, it is important that you preserve the primary teeth of your child.

The aim of the dentist will be to use stainless steel crowns since they restore the function of the affected tooth and also strengthen it so that it will last much longer. The back molars will work as long as they need to with the help of crowns.

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