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You Have Options for Your Smile Restoration in Belvedere, IL 

No one likes to feel that they only have one choice when it comes to making a major decision in their life. When considering a new home purchase, it’s common to look at...

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Three Worthwhile Reasons to Get Dental Veneers

A common question in any dental office is: What are veneers? This query is typically followed by: Are they worth getting? In short, yes. Dental veneers are a significant ...

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Study Shows a Link Between Weight, Exercise, and Periodontal Health

No matter where you go, it is likely that you have heard others tell you that exercising is good for your health. This is true, but it may be more accurate than you reali...

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Dental Exams in Belvidere

Protect Your Teeth with a Dental Exam

At Brechon Dental, we strive to ensure that every patient has a healthy and beautiful smile. One way we do this is by providing comprehensive exams of your mouth to pinpo...

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Dental Checkups at Brechon dental

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dental Checkups

When you visit the dentist, your teeth will be checked for any diseases or decay that may be present. On top of these, your dentist may look for other issues that you may...

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Good Dental Care Leads to Better Overall Health

How Good Dental Care Leads to Better Overall Health

Your smile is meant to shine beautifully every day for the rest of your life. Many patients don’t know this, but your dental health can improve your overall health as w...

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