Tooth Colored Filling in Belvidere

Could a Tooth-Colored Filling Help Me?

Mar 13, 2019

It is common for dentists to come across cases of decayed and damaged teeth. The decayed tooth is repaired with a dental filling. In the past, the fillings were made of dark-colored material and never matched with white teeth. However, with the recent development of special composite materials, you can now repair cavities with tooth-colored fillings. These are more aesthetically appealing, as they both blend into your existing smile and restore the function of the tooth.

Here’s a look at more information on tooth-colored fillings:

When is a Tooth-Colored Filling Necessary?

It becomes necessary to get a tooth-colored filling in Belvidere, IL if the tooth requires a dental filling or root canal treatment. In these cases, a part of your tooth that has been decayed needs to be removed in order to treat the infection and repair the damage. This leaves the tooth compromised, and it becomes imperative to fill the gap with tooth-colored fillings so that the natural structure of the tooth is restored. The colored dent filling material also helps the dentist in IL 61008 during the dental bonding procedure, which molds the filling directly onto the tooth and changes its shape, length, width, and color.

Could a Tooth-Colored Filling Help Me?

If you have a cavity, a dentist near IL 61008 will probably use a colorful tooth filling to repair it. In earlier days, the amalgam filling (gray in color), silver, or gold fillings would have filled your tooth, leaving behind an obvious dark-colored area on your tooth.

Tooth-Colored Fillings in Belvidere, IL

If you think that you can benefit from a colored tooth filling, you should consult with your dentist. Their knowledge and experience coupled with a physical examination and imaging techniques like x-rays can help in making sure you get the dental help you need.

It’s also important to keep your fillings healthy after your procedure for successful results in the long run. You can do this by visiting your dentist twice a year for the regular dental examination and cleaning along with following the American Dental Association recommended at-home oral care routine of brushing twice daily and flossing.

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