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Five Reasons to Get Dental Sealants

Jan 01, 2020

Did you know children are twice as much more likely to develop dental cavities than adults? Because their teeth are still developing, the enamel is prone to bacteria and acid attacks. Preventive dentistry is recommended for preventing dental decay and maintain the dental integrity of the child. At Brechon dental, we offer dental sealants as part of our pediatric preventive dental service.

Although most parents are apprehensive about dental sealants, these protectors are not as bad as taunted to be. Moreover, the Center for Disease Control reports that dental sealants can prevent 80% dental cavities within the first year and 58% after four years. Additionally, the agency states that children who don’t wear dental sealants are at a higher risk of dental cavities.

These thin, plastic protectors cover the teeth enamel and protect them from bacteria and plaque buildup. We recommend dental sealants for children for various reasons such as:

1. They are Great and Ideal for All Children

Our dentist offers dental sealants for children and adolescents because they are at high risk of getting decay and cavities. Using the wafer-like protectors will cover the teeth especially the back teeth to keep bacteria away. The molars and premolars are subject to constant chewing and grinding and dental sealants will keep them protected.

Premature loss of the primary teeth can significantly affect the dental structure and cause the permanent teeth to be crooked or crowded. Eventually, the child will need braces and other restorative dental treatments which are expensive and may not restore the dental structure.

2. The Installation Process is Fast and Easy

Most children have dental phobia and may be afraid to come to the dental clinic because of fear. However, with dental sealants, there is nothing to be afraid about as the dental sealants’ application is non-invasive.

Furthermore, the application is done in a few steps:

  • The dentist will clean the teeth off any decay or buildup and dry them with absorbent material.
  • An acid solution will be applied to roughen the tooth surface and hardened using a special light
  • The plastic coating is then painted on the teeth surface

3. Preserves the Integrity of the Teeth

Regular brushing and flossing can help remove bacteria and keep the teeth healthy. However, due to improper teeth cleaning, the children may not clean the back teeth properly thus promoting bacteria growth. Wearing dental sealants will help to prevent the growth and decay.

Remember decay can cause tooth loss and premature teeth loss not only causes the teeth to be crowded but will also damage the child’s dental structure.

4. Dental Sealants Are Long-lasting

The Center for Disease Control reports that dental sealants can last between nine and ten years with proper care. The sealants, however, require dental checkups to make sure they are not worn or chipped.

5. They Have Little Risk

Although the resin-based dental sealant contains BPA, the levels are too minimal to cause any harm. Bisphenol A is reported to affect the immune, nervous, and thyroid function. However, both ADA and CDC report the sealants are safe for use. The only side effect of dental sealants is allergy reactions.

Pros and Cons of Dental Sealants

Dental sealants offer both pros and cons:


  • The application process is safe and easy
  • They are easy to maintain and repair
  • The sealants prevent dental decay
  • They are safe (the BPA level is not a problem)
  • They are natural-looking and are unnoticeable
  • The sealants are long-lasting if well maintained


  • If the teeth are not cleaned properly during the application, the dental sealants may seal bacteria
  • They don’t last forever and will come off after nine or ten years

Are There Other Ways of Preventing Decay?

Yes, besides dental sealant, you can use fluoride toothpaste to prevent decay or drink fluoridated water.

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Dental sealants are the best solution for preventing tooth decay and keeping your child’s teeth healthy. Book an appointment with our dentist today if you are looking for teeth sealants in Belvidere, IL.

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