Happy smile after smile makeover at Brechon Dental

How Can a Smile Makeover Change Your Life?

Jul 24, 2018

Are you looking to improve your smile? You may already feel self-conscious over certain aspects of your smile; this could include missing teeth of the color of your individual teeth. Are their practical and easy ways to fix these issues? Brechon Dental provides a wide range of dental services that our dental team can offer patients in order to give them a complete smile makeover! If you are interested in investing in your smile, then continue reading on to see how we can help you.

The dental services our team offer can greatly improve the appearance and feel of an individual’s teeth. Our team works directly with each patient in order to find a customized treatment plan that will fit their unique needs. Based on each patient’s needs, a makeover may include resolving the following issues:

1. Restoring missing teeth through the use of dental bonds, dental crowns, or dental implants.

2. Restoring balance and harmony to the smile by using dental bonds and porcelain veneers to improve cracked, chipped, or cracked teeth.

3. Reshaping the gums through a gum recontouring procedure.

4. Straightening teeth with the use of any orthodontic treatment.

5. Restoring facial structure with the help of oral maxillofacial surgery and different orthodontic treatments.

6. Teeth Whitening can greatly improve a smile in just one session alone with the help of our dental team.

If you are interested in improving any of the above issues in your smile, then contact Brechon Dental to see which services could help your smile. Not only will these services improve your smile’s appearance, but they will greatly affect the function of your new smile. Contact our dental clinic today for more information on the many services we provide.

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