Invisalign Alternatives

When you are looking to achieve a straighter smile, the dentist may have a few ideas to help you reach your ideal. The most common ways to straighten your teeth or to adjust your bite are braces or Invisalign at Brechon Dental in Belvidere IL. Braces are bulky, noticeable, and not necessary for more mild cases. Invisalign can be pricy, averaging $5,000 per treatment. Neither one is the perfect solution, but there are additional options to review.

The first choice to make is if you want an In Office aligner or an At Home aligner. Invisalign is an In Office option requiring a dentist to help fit you properly. At Home aligners like Smile Direct Club allow you to create custom aligners at home. Without the oversight of a dental professional, the at home aligners are not able to address more serious cases but they are less expensive.

There are six major alternative clear aligners to Invisalign: Byte, Candid, AlignerCo, Smile Direct Club, Clear Correct, and Six Month Smiles.

  • Byte This company was founded in 2018 and averages three months per treatment. They offer a high quality treatment plan and excellent customer support throughout your process. It is an ideal option for people with mild to moderate cases and it averages $1,895 per treatment.
  • Candid While it is an at home aligner option, it is often considered to be the next best thing to Invisalign. Their treatment plans, which are customized for each client, are overseen by orthodontists. As of December 2021, the company is changing how they offer customer service and the way that they price their services. As of the most recent data, the average cost for their treatment is $1,895 with the ideal client needing to address a mild to moderate case.
  • AlignerCo This company focuses on the best pricing rather than being the most convenient. Not only does this company have the lowest price, but they offer many financing plans. If you have a mild to moderate issue that you are looking to address with the lowest cost, then you will want to look into AlignerCo. The quality will not be as high as Byte or Candid, but your average cost is $1,145 per treatment.
  • Smile Direct Club Like Invisalign is the most well known in office aligner option, Smile Direct Club is the best known at home aligner brand. The company focuses on offering the most convenience with more than 300 stores located across the United States. They boast more than a million smiles improved, but their results are not as extensive, experienced, and numerous as Invisalign. You can plan on spending $1,950 on average per treatment.
  • Clear Correct This is the only other in office clear aligner option so your dentist will help monitor the progress of your moderate to severe case. It is a more affordable option that has been on the market since 2006. The average price per treatment is $3,000.
  • Six Month Smiles This is combination of the in office dentist oversight with the shortened timeline of an at home aligner. Like their name says, it usually takes about six months to get your final results with an average price tag of $3,500.

Disadvantages of Invisalign