Tooth Extraction in Belvidere

Is Tooth Extraction the Best Option?

Dec 14, 2018

Tooth extractions are a common procedure done by your dentist in Belvidere. Our experienced team at Brechon Dental provides high-quality treatments that focus on benefiting the overall appearance and function of teeth. Tooth extractions are often required for a wide range of reasons. They are typically the last resort as most professionals and patients would rather save the teeth if at all possible. However, they provide a world of good and help to protect patients’ smiles in the long run. Continue reading on to learn more about our dentist in 61008 and see if tooth extractions are the best option for your situation.

Why are tooth extractions sometimes recommended?

One of the most common reasons patients come to our office for tooth extraction is for their wisdom teeth. Not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted, therefore how can you know if your teeth do? An impacted wisdom tooth will require an extraction. This means the tooth is growing at an angle and isn’t properly breaking the surface of the gums. It can lead to several other issues including shifting teeth or infection. Wisdom teeth will also need to be extracted if there is too much overcrowding after they reach the surface. Schedule an appointment with your Belvidere dentist too see what steps you need to take if you are concerned with your wisdom teeth. Severely decayed or damaged teeth will also need to be extracted. They can negatively affect the surrounding teeth, and infection can quickly spread to other parts of the mouth. Extracting these teeth can be avoided with the help of regular dental cleanings and exams at least twice a year. Ensure you are protecting your teeth throughout the day, especially if you are involved in high impact sports. You may benefit from a mouth guard if you participate in active sports such as baseball or football.

If you are interested in learning more about tooth extractions for your specific situation, then schedule an appointment with our dentist near you at Brechon Dental and see how we can improve your oral health.

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