Root Canal Treatment in Belvidere

Myths and Facts about Root Canal Treatment

Jan 01, 2019

Many dentists suggest root canal treatment as an alternative to tooth extraction. Usually, the treatment option varies depending on the severity of the tooth. To save the tooth, the first choice is root canal treatment.

These are a few of the most common myths associated with root canal treatment:

Myth 1: The root canal procedure is very painful.

Fact:  With recent advancements in endodontics, dentists who use anesthesia effectively allow the procedure to be much more comfortable.

Any lingering discomfort can be relieved with the help of painkillers. It is also essential to avoid chewing from the affected tooth until the crown gets fitted. This will reduce the chance of aggravating the site of the procedure, which would negatively impact the treatment’s effectiveness and increase associated pain.

Myth 2: Tooth extraction is a better alternative to root canal procedure.

Fact: The restored tooth will last for a lifetime if the root canal procedure is performed effectively. Many dentists prefer tooth extraction which allows saving the remaining tooth.

The nerves in the pulp tissue are responsible for detecting pain or sensitivity to hot or cold food items. Once the pulp is removed and the canal is sealed off, these sensations will not be felt.

Myth 3: Root canal procedures require several visits to the dental clinic.

Fact: The condition of the tooth determines the number of visits required. Although some severe cases may take up to three appointments, usually the issue can be treated in just one visit.

Myth 4: A root canal procedure is not required for a dead tooth.

Fact:  A tooth can die due to a loss of blood supply to the nerve inside the tooth root. This happens due to trauma or decay. You may think a dead tooth does not require treatment, as it no longer causes pain or sensitivity, but extracting the tooth, or even saving it through a root canal procedure, can prevent the bacteria from spreading to other nearby teeth.

Myth 5: Root canal procedures are not very effective.

Fact:  The success rate of this procedure is almost 95%. For effective results, it is necessary that the root canals are cleaned and sealed off. It is better to save natural teeth through root canal instead of getting extracted.

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