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Three Worthwhile Reasons to Get Dental Veneers

Sep 01, 2019

A common question in any dental office is: What are veneers? This query is typically followed by: Are they worth getting? In short, yes.

Dental veneers are a significant step in not only preserving natural teeth but also crafting a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing smile. Veneers are thin shells that are custom made for an individual and placed over the natural teeth. The color is chosen by the patient and can be used to mirror the teeth’s natural color, or they can look whiter and brighter to improve a preexisting smile. The shells are bonded to the teeth and can last for years, meaning someone gets a great, long-lasting smile with minimal effort.

Most people have heard of dental veneers, also called porcelain veneers, but few individuals realize just how common the procedure is. Although many think they are expensive, the procedure is quite affordable, meaning veneers are a legitimate option for adults who want to be comfortable with their appearance and smile. But whether or not to get them remains a personal decision. At present, there are three worthwhile reasons to get dental veneers: They help protect the teeth underneath, they can improve the smile’s appearance, and they can fix naturally occurring gaps.

An Extra Layer of Protection

One of the main reasons people invest in porcelain veneers is because the shell offers a layer of protection for the natural teeth. Because the thin shell is attached directly to the surface of the preexisting tooth, most plaque and bacteria are prevented from even coming near the original. This helps prevent decay and the development of problems like cavities, while also adding extra protection against chipping and other problems.

Improve a Smile’s Appearance

Veneers are frequently attached to improve the overall appearance of teeth. The thin shell can be used to fix many issues – or just elements of the natural teeth that bother the patient. Some of the most popular reasons to undergo the procedure are to hide natural discoloration from medication or smoking, teeth that are broken or worn down from use, or teeth that are irregularly shaped.

Sometimes individuals also choose to have the veneers applied to change the overall shape of the teeth. The media bombards people with images of teeth that are all the same size, perfectly white, and completely uniform. Unfortunately, these smiles don’t exist naturally, and many media personalities frequently have veneers of their own. But patients who would like to get this smile of their own to hid small teeth, large teeth, or jagged ones can do so.

Fix Any Gaps

Keeping in line with changing the teeth’s appearance, dental veneers are worthwhile because they can fix confidence issues caused by having teeth with gaps or visible deformities. Similar to dental implants, veneers can be installed to replace teeth that are missing. This is a common occurrence, especially as individuals grow older and find that their teeth, gums, and jaw weaken. The veneers form a strong barrier and complete the smile, making chewing, speaking, and eating simple.

How to Get Dental Veneers

Installing dental veneers is a simple process that can typically be done in one to two appointments. First, you need to meet with a dentist to have an evaluation of oral health and wellness. Then, roughly half of a millimeter is shaved off of the teeth that will be covered. This is the thickness of the veneer and is done, so the mouth doesn’t become too crowded. During the final step, the veneer is bonded to the teeth. A special light is used to cure the cement used to attach the material, and the process is complete.

If you or someone you know is interested in this procedure, then the first step is locating an experienced dentist near you capable of applying dental veneers. This process is part of a field called cosmetic dentistry, which is work that is focused on improving the appearance of the teeth. Here at Brechon Dental, we specialize in installing porcelain or composite resin veneers in Belvidere, IL, for patients of all ages. Please, call or schedule an appointment to get on your way to having a more beautiful smile through our dentistry in Belvidere.

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