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What You Need to Know About Dental Implants

Apr 08, 2018

Dental implants are a wonderful opportunity for people who do not have a full smile, seniors who are missing teeth, and people who need to have a tooth extracted, to be able to experience a beautiful mouth full of natural-looking teeth once again. Through a careful procedure, your dentist can fuse a titanium post to your jawbone which then can be mounted with a natural-looking tooth-colored crown that can restore the full functionality of your mouth. The process is uniquely designed to give patients a full smile again. It also helps to ensure good dental health for a long time.

Dental Implants Fuse to the Jaw

Since titanium is used, a metal with a natural attraction to the bone, the procedure has an extremely high success rate. When given some time to heal after the titanium post is placed into the jaw, the bone will fuse with the post and grow around it. Essentially the super-strong post will now become part of your body. Once the post is fully fused to your jaw bone, a natural-looking tooth replacement, called a dental crown, can be firmly secured to the titanium post.

The dental crown allows your smile to essentially be restored completely. Where there was once a large gap between your healthy teeth, there would now be what looks like a brand new attractive tooth. Not only does the dental implant serve aesthetic purposes, but it also allows your bite to be corrected and allows you to chew more effectively. More than that, the titanium post that fused with your jaw bone stimulates the bone itself and encourages bone strength and growth.

If you would like more information about dental implants and their benefits, we encourage you to stop by our office or give us a call today!

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