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Tooth Extractions
Belvidere, IL

A tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the alveolar bone.

A tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the alveolar bone. The dental health industry has made a concerted effort in the previous few decades to take all measures possible to help you retain your natural teeth. With new technology advances continuing, you now have many more new ways of keeping your natural teeth clean and free of bacteria and decay. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, your tooth becomes infected, and you need to be treated right away.

The team at Brechon Dental will embrace you as family. Being family owned for over two generations, we extend our compassion and caring concerns to all patients of all ages. We are proud to provide a wide range of dental services and have a commitment to providing these services in a manner that you become educated and comfortable with the care you are receiving, confident that we are implementing advanced technology to provide you with cutting edge services, all provided in a comfortable and caring environment. Located at 115 W. Lincoln Ave. in Belvidere, Illinois, 61008, we enjoy serving the entire community and the surrounding areas. Simply call 815-491-8032 with any dental questions or concerns and schedule your appointment today for anyone in your family that may need help to determine the best plan of action to treat a damaged tooth.

Brechon Dental may recommend a root canal procedure which allows us to retain the outer shell of your natural tooth but replace the inner pulp with a rubbery filling. This process can save your natural tooth aesthetically. In some cases, no matter how hard we try, an infected tooth or a severely damaged tooth simply needs to be extracted to save the health of your adjoining teeth and the jawbone that surrounds it.

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Brechon Dental has been in the family for over two generations! Our experienced dentists know best when it comes to the latest in dentistry. We want you to have convenient access to dental care; our office accepts most major insurances! From regular exams and cleanings to cosmetic procedures, we take strides in providing our patients in Belvidere and its surrounding areas with only the best in dental care and treatments so that you achieve and maintain a smile you can be proud of! Book an appointment with Brechon Dental today.

Several Causes Resulting in a Tooth Extraction

  • An Infection-In the center of all our natural teeth, there is a soft, living tissue that is connected to the nerves of our tooth. This tissue is called the pulp. When your tooth becomes damaged and the decay enters the tooth’s pulp, the pulp then becomes infected. When the pulp becomes infected, it can cause some series toothaches and even sharp pains in your tooth. Usually, this type of an infected tooth can be saved by us performing a root canal therapy. A root canal therapy is a procedure in which we drill into the natural tooth and remove the infected pulp from the tooth. Once the pulp is removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned, it is filled with a composite filling and then sealed with either a resin or a dental crown. When a root canal procedure will not fix the infection and the tooth cannot be saved, the tooth must be extracted. The reason for a tooth extraction is to alleviate the immediate pain you feel from the infection and to also stop the infection from inflicting further damage.
  • Decay or Trauma- Accidents that involve a tooth can cause extreme pain from the trauma felt on your tooth. Usually, Brechon Dental can repair a damaged tooth by using a filling to fill in the cracks or fractures that were caused by the trauma. The cracks need to be filled to prevent any infection from both starting and spreading. If a filling will not work, we may use a dental crown. A dental crown is used to cap or cover the entire the tooth from just above the gum line. It is usually made of a ceramic, porcelain, or a metal material. Dental crowns are used to seal a tooth after a root canal procedure or to protect a badly traumatized tooth. When neither of these options help prevent decay from spreading, the team at Brechon Dental has no choice but to perform a tooth extraction.
  • Gum Disease- One of the leading causes of tooth loss, aside from infection, decay, or trauma, is periodontal disease. When there is an aggressive amount of plaque and tartar built up around the teeth’s gum line, the gums start to pull away from the teeth creating pockets of empty space that also become infected. This is when you start to notice your gums have become extremely swollen and bleed. If left untreated, the connectivity tissue that holds your teeth will start to lose its grip on your teeth because of the bacteria. Your teeth will start to loosen up on their own and we may need to extract them to avoid the discomfort and pain you may be feeling.
  • Wisdom Teeth- Wisdom teeth erupt in our late teens or early twenties. In some cases, wisdom teeth will grow in straight and do not shift teeth. In most cases though wisdom teeth erupt crooked and start pushing your other teeth in different directions, causing a misalignment. Brechon Dental removes wisdom teeth on a regular basis, whether they have totally erupted or if they remain impacted underneath the gum line, we can remove them simply or surgically. It is usually recommended to have your wisdom teeth extracted as soon as possible. Even if your wisdom teeth are fully grown in and have caused you no issues, they may cause you trouble in the. Talk with us about whether it may be time to remove your wisdom teeth.


Brechon Dental has been in the family for over two generations! Our experienced dentists know best when it comes to the latest in dentistry.


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We want you to have convenient access to dental care; our office accepts most major insurances!



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How Do We Do a Tooth Extraction?

  • Simple Procedure- Using a local anesthetic to numb the immediate areas we will loosen your tooth and extract it easily using a dental tool called an elevator. This procedure is done when the tooth that needs to be extracted has grown above the gum line for easy access. We will use dental tools to loosen the tooth and lift it up and out of the gum line for a clean extraction.
  • Surgical Procedure- A surgical extraction is a more complicated procedure as it requires us to create an incision into the gum line to retrieve the tooth. This is usually needed during an impacted wisdom tooth extraction or if your tooth is broken below the gum line. A local anesthetic will eliminate any discomfort felt during these types of extractions. We can also add an additional sedation, such as Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas, to address your anxiety and calm your nerves before and during the procedure.

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