What Are Teeth Whitening Products

As we age, our teeth become yellowed and dull because of the staining effects of the foods and beverages we consume as well as habits such as tobacco use. Fortunately, there are a number of teeth whitening belvidere illinois products available and it is a great and easy way for patients to quickly improve their smile. A lot of dental offices offer in-office whitening and may have options for you to whiten at home as well.

Over-the-counter options are great and cost effective but take a bit longer to see desired results. All whitening products, be they over-the-counter or professional, use either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide as the active whitening ingredient, the percentage of peroxide varies between professional products and over-the-counter products.

Do I need to do anything to prepare to whiten my teeth?

When you begin to consider whitening, it is very important to discuss your options with your Dentist. Not everyone is a candidate for all types of whitening so to save wasting your time and money, discuss it with your Dentist. If your Dentist agrees that you will have success with whitening, you should consider having your teeth professionally cleaned before beginning any whitening treatment to ensure that you get the best results possible. Your dental hygienist will be able to remove any plaque build up and surface staining that could get in the way of the whitening gel.

Professional Whitening Treatment

Having your teeth whitened by your dental office is a great way to achieve immediate results! Professional whitening only takes about an hour and a half and results can be seen right away. Some patients reach their desired results before the entire process is complete and can stop anytime. Your teeth will continue to improve throughout the next couple of days.

A protective gel is brushed onto your gum tissue to keep the peroxide solution from affecting your gums. The peroxide solution is then brushed onto each tooth individually and an ultraviolet light is directed to the teeth to activate the solution.

At-Home Whitening Treatment

Whitening strips and whitening trays are a great way to whiten your smile at home! Whitening strips are a small strip of plastic with a peroxide gel solution on it which is placed on the front of your teeth and left for 30 minutes to an hour daily for up to two weeks.

Whitening trays work the same way and are worn for the same duration of time as whitening strips. Your Dentist may be able to provide you with custom whitening trays made from models of your teeth and the whitening gel solution, which may have a higher concentration of peroxide and will therefore work more quickly.

Oral Care Products and Whitening Gum

Oral care products that contain baking soda are a great way to remove staining on a regular basis during your regular home care routine. This can be especially beneficial if you have already utilized a whitening treatment but they work very well on their own.

Sugar-free whitening gum can also help freshen your smile and contains ingredients that help coat the teeth to prevent staining. Chewing gum immediately after eating helps stimulate saliva production which helps rinse away food particles and bacteria.

Cost of Teeth Whitening